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Walking into this office of 3500 sq. ft. designed by i-interior will showcase a stunning office interior concept. The interior gives an effective look to the office. The office design helps to communicate the corporate mission and image to both clients and employees. The (use of) glass facade links the interior space to the exterior(view). The long windows add natural light to the office. The reception area creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The office interior is done in such a way that it has “me space” for individual work and “we space” for group work. Workstation designed in such a way where employees can work effectively on their individual tasks. A welcoming reception area with a glitter brown wallpaper at the back wall which instantly gives a rich feel. The design of the reception area speaks volume! Work station with perfect desk and chairs making comfortable and organized work conditions. The wallpaper gives a trendy look to the workspace. Conference room is with a trendy yet professional look. Designed in such a way that the users can conduct meetings in effective manner. A cabin with Amazing ceiling work The (yellow alabaster) ceiling surly makes a statement and stands out the warm lights which give the perfect light atmosphere. A stunning waiting area provides with a stylish comfortable sitting arrangement. A waiting area with comfortable furniture the white theme gives a very clear and refreshing view, the long windows (glass façade)add a wow factor. The glass facade links the interior space to exterior. The long windows add natural light to the room.